Blu Social Media Management Platform

Let your social butter fly!

The future of social media management is Blu

Blu aims to solve the time-consuming nature of social media management by offering state of the art social media tools that will empower you to streamline and consolidate your social media strategy!

One-touch Posting

Post to several social media accounts with a single click. No more tediousness of copying, switching accounts, and pasting. Save HOURS of time each week.

Keyword and Review Site Monitoring

Choose keywords such as "Ice Cream Toppings" and target review sites such as Yelp, TripAdvisor, and Glassdoor. Blu will monitor them and send you notifications

Content Suggestions

Having trouble thinking of something to post for your brand? Blu will suggest a myriad of relevant articles and news stories so you can accelerate your brand visibility.

Social platforms

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Wordpress, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Medium, Blogger, Blogspot, Flickr, Slack, and many many more.

Scheduling Posts

This is how you save an incredible amount of time. Schedule posts to your social media accounts days, weeks, or months out. Blu will submit the posts for you when the time comes.

Simple as can be

Social media management made easy and simple. But simple doesn't mean limited. Send an email to to schedule a video call. We will show you the power of Blu.

Social media management, evolved.

Let's skip the fluff and keep things simple. Blu is here to bring social media simplicity to your business, brand, clientele, or whatever the case may be. Let your social butter fly!

Let it fly

Reach out to learn more about what Blu has to offer!

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