Blu Social Media Software

Finally, your 'Bluprint' to social media is here.

The future is Blu

And we hope you can see it too. Social media is screaming for more hands-on personal management. The only obstacle is time. This butterfly is here to solve that.

Fluttering worldwide

Blu's team includes the visionaries behind multiple other internationally used creative media solutions. It'll take awhile, but we'll be fluttering globally.

Engagement that counts

Use Blu to optimize your reach, define your target market, and culture worthwhile relationships across all your social platforms. Let's make engagement meaningful again.

Analytics that matter

Forget the confusing numbers and confusing graphs. Our analytics are built beautiful because you deserve well dressed positive results.

Social platforms

We've got you covered from Facebook to Instagram, YouTube to Twitter, Wordpress to Blogger, and all your other favorites in-between!

Schedule & forget it

This butterfly boasts the simplest scheduling tool you'll find out there. Set it, and forget it. Save more time and eliminate social stress.

Reason to celebrate

Ultimately, Blu is the simplest solution for your social media. Manage, create, plan, discover, maintain, relate, analyze, & celebrate with Blu.

Social management, evolved.

We know the competition is fierce, but our butterfly isn't to be taken lightly. Let's skip the fluff and keep things simple. Blu is here to bring social media simplicity to your business, brand, clientele, or whatever the case may be. Let it fly!

Let it fly

Reach out to learn more about what Blu has to offer!

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