Grabbing Attention with Social Media Captions

We’ve all been there as social media managers, ready to post one of our favorite photos on Instagram and all we can think of is simply using a slew of emojis for the caption. We know we should say more, but what? Doesn’t the picture already say a thousand words? 

Coming up with a compelling social media caption can be one of hardest, and one of the easiest tasks at the same time. How? It may be hard to find the words, but it’s easy to fill in the blanks when you have the right formula! So, to help you tap into the right side of your brain and get creative, we’ve outlined three of our favorite formulas to use when drafting social media captions. 

Evoke Emotions

When people open social media they’re met with emotion, such as funny memes, cute videos of children or pets, and touching stories about families and friends. So when we post on social media, we add to the emotional rollercoaster that users are already on. Choose how you want your audience to feel when they see your post, whether it’s love, drive, inspiration, etc. 

Try captions like, “We just love this easy to use digital planner, don’t you?” Or “Our team is feeling inspired after the conference in NYC. We’re ready for another great year at Socialocca!” Or maybe even, “If this image gave you chills like it did for us, visit our blog (or tune into our live feed) to see what’s happening!”

Use Your Five Senses

What is it that you’re sharing on social media? Being descriptive in your caption can not only reiterate what it is you want your audience to focus on, but, since they only able to see what you’ve experienced, descriptions bring your posts to life! Tap into the fundamentals of descriptive writing and use the five senses for this formula. 

Keep the caption short but sweet with captions such as, “We can still hear the birds singing and feel the crisp fall air around us.” Or “Yes, this wedding cake did taste just as good, if not better, than it looked!” Or describe the scent, “I’ve never smelled anything so fresh and fruity as this citrus candle.” 

Start a Conversation 

After all is said and done, social media is social. It’s a platform to start conversations with your audience, or your community of followers. So, keep it social and open the line of communication to form a two way street. Ask questions to get your audience thinking, responding, and talking!

Questions are a great way to end a short caption, such as, “It’s a beautiful day in the city, how are you spending your afternoon?” Or, “Writers block strikes again! What are some things that help you feel creative?” Or jump in on bigger conversations and use trends to your advantage. For instance, “Super Bowl Sunday is just a few days away! What will you be watching for, the Steelers, the Broncos, the commercials, or the halftime show?”

The most important formula to use when crafting your social media captions involve thinking about how you want you audience to feel, how you want them to experience the post, and how you want them to react and interact with your post. Exploring trends, new ideas, and descriptive language is your recipe for a next level caption! 

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